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how to evict?

I'm a first time renter in Maryland (Baltimore County) and want to know what I'm getting myself into and what steps I need to take if my tenant breaks the lease. What are my rights and who do I contact in that situation?

Basically the process involves serving the tenant with a notice to cure or vacate, and if they fail to act within the specified time frame, you can file for eviction in rent court. From there, there's a hearing, and then it's referred to the sheriff to schedule a put-out date.
Step 1 - you serve the tenants with a notice to cure or vacate Step 2 - you file for eviction in rent court Step 3 - hearing Step 4 - Sheriff schedules a put-out date Step 5 - You and the sheriff enter the property together, you move out any remaining belongings, and change the locks
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