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Lease breaking

our renters have a lease until the end of august.  They gave notice on the 12th that they would be out on the 19th.  The lease then changes to month to month unless other wise agreed. Can I use the secutiry deposite to cover the the lack of thirty day notice as well as the fees to find new renters? Is this money only for damage/cleaning? Tammy WI

It would depend on the terms of your lease agreement. As a rule of thumb if the lease is ended early the deposit is forfitted....
You must give 30 days notice, but if you signed a year long lease and the start date has already passed you are bound to the lease, the lease will roll over to the new owner. If they choose they can then honor the lease or ask the tenant to leave with 30days notice.  I would speak to the tenant and the new owners and keep an open communication so no one ends up getting stuck in a situation.
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