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property management help

I was a property manager that turned my bosses place around. Never did any repairs, electrical is illegal etc. these people are always late on rent but one renter gets three week grace periods. Well he gave a 30 day notice when his lease is not up for 60 days. Said he paid a last months rent but the previous manager only had a security deposit documented. Well I am being blamed for missing rent money, this guy is saying he was never behind??? I have receipts for every dime he paid and dated but I lost my job because the owner is financially strapped so he is believing he is losing money. What can I do? I live in one of the apartments and im about to lose that also. I am super honest and mow lawns, fix plumbing and electrical all without being paid extra. Any options out here?
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Generally there is not a whole lot you can do. I do beleive however, that you are entitled notice under the law before the landlord may have you vacate the premises.
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