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Mice problem

I have tenants that emailed me recently saying that they have a mice problem.  They are generally good tenants and are very clean.  They say that they caught twelve mice last week and that there are still more as they say they can hear them in the walls.    They have turned to me wanting help on this situation.  They do not want a cat (which I am glad they don't).  Is this my problem as the owner or their problem as the tenants? should I handle this?

Amy, it all depends if you want it done by a exterminator or by your self, if you do it with say poison  what happends a lot of times the mice die in the wall and it stinks terribly. The paper where the mice gets stuck almost like fly paper is real cruel. They also have safe traps that let you capture alive . You have to check your building code on safe living for your tenant  form on hability. In Massachusetts if a landlord has only one rental the tenant must get rid of the mice . The mice can come in anywhere even thru foundations
Being an Exterminator in Oregon, I thought I would remark on this issue. In this state, most Pest Elimination companies deal with the home owner only. Only meeting with Tenants when neccassary.
This is your problem. You're lucky they haven't called City Inspectional Services.   Hire a Lic. Professional  Exterminator. Get the 6 mo. warranty. Seal any visible holes on the outside or inside of the property. Don't skim and get the traps or bate yourself. This won't hold up in court or should you have to deal with the county/city you live in. You want to show that you've responded to the matter and document your preventative maintenance measures. Also get a letter from the Exterminator as to what treatment was performed.  If there's a vacant lot or construction site near the property that maybe the source, call the city or email them and ask them to do their part.   I'm certain you'll see results.  Good tenants are worth it.  Good luck.
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