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tenant out town work, nephew move in

my tenant out of town to work for a whole month, his nephew move in, but his nephew is not a co-signer or tenant on the lease. my tenant wire the rent to his sister and let his sister pay me. Would there be a problem if the tenant doesn't come back? Should I evict his nephew? or add his nephew as a tenant or co-signer? thank you.

If he is not on the lease you better make up your mind what you are going to do because now the time to get rid of him befor he becomes a sub tennant , and then you will have to take him to court to evict him Y ou better do a background check and a credit check . If his credit is good  and he is not a fugitive , it beats 0
I think if it were me - I would add the tenant on the lease as a "tenant". This way if something goes wrong or if they stop paying rent...they will both be responsible. But I would make sure and have this "nephew" fill out an application too. Maybe conduct a background check.
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