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Tenants Ex wife came over and broke out window

My tenat was recently laid off from his job.  His ex wife is upset because he carried the insurance for their children, and being laid off, the insurance is gone.  She came over all upset about this and broke out a window.  There was a police report filed and in the report she does admit to breaking out the window.  I already told the tenant that they were resposible to replace it.  Any suggestions on how to handle this?  I am in Iowa
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I would give the tenant a day to replace it.   If he does not then tell him you are replacing it and do it soon to protect your property from damage.  Not to mention having a broken window is likely to be a bad thing as far as your neighbors and the city is concerned.  If you replace it then bill the tenant.  Be sure to take pictures so if he does not pay you can retrive the expense from the damage deposit
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