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Is it enough time? Is it legal?

well on August 25th my lanlord put the duplex i live in on the market to be sold the next day she showed up at my house with a letter advising me of this  and to vacate the apartment by september 30th 11:59 pm, is this legal? When I asked why she was doing that she replied: "We  need one of the apartments open for showings" mind you i have two kids a newborn and a 2 1/2 yr old toddler on disability. Do I have any rights to get more time to move? Someone please help
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If your lease specifies that your landlord can give a thirty day notice; then she is within her time-frame. If she would have put any of what she said in writing - I beleive evicting you for having a child on disabillity probably goes against some Fair Housing regulations. The problem is that if it was a verbal is hard to prove. You can contact your local housing agency. Additionally, if you have been frequently late on rent or have broke lease regulations; it would be hard for you to fight against this. Perhaps you can speak to this landlord and ask for some additional time?
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