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The Super is not doing his job!  HELP!!

I am a new landlord as of yesterday. I have a tennant that pays $600 for rent. The same type of apartment in the building is leasing for $700 per month. His rent is lower because he was responsible for maintenence of the premises as per a verbal agreement with the previous owner. It is evident by the amount of repairs not complete that he is not fulfilling his end of the preexisting agreement. When can I raise his rent to the $700.

If he has a written lease; then the terms of that lease must be followed.  In order to raise the rent a landlord in NJ must send a written notice of at least 30 days (for month to month leases unless the lease specifies otherwise) of your intentions to raise the rent or end the lease. The tenant will then have to respond with acceptance or move out. If a tenant does not respond - nor pays the increase, you can then take the proper procedures for eviction. You may want to send this notice via hand delivery; first class mail-return receipt requested AND regular first class mail. This way you have made every attempt to deliver notice. Keep all receipts of notice!
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