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Tenant does not feel comfortable giving his credit score

We all know what this means.  This is the letter I am getting ready to send back but wanted another set of eyes.    I have asked every person I have discussed renting the property to about their credit score.  Also, if you actually wanted to apply to rent the home it would be part of the application process.  If you look at your current lease I would not be surprised that you signed something that allowed your current landlord to check your credit.  I am sorry that this part of the screening process makes you uncomfortable but I have been advised it is a crucial element in finding a tenant.   If you change your mind please email me and we will discuss another time to view the home.  As of now I will assume the appointment is off unless I hear back from you.    Is this okay?  I just want to make sure I have my legal backside covered.
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I wouldn't send a letter in this instance. I would just simply state " In order to be considered a propective tenant for my rental property, it is necessary to complete a rental application and go through credit and background checks. without your agreement to do such, I can no longer consider you a candidate. I will assume that the appointment for the property showing we had scheduled is cancelled unless I hear otherwise from you."
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