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Evicting a boyfriend

I moved into a house in St. Louis about a month & 1/2 ago. My boyfriend is living there also. The landlady is aware. His name is not on the lease & it  is listed for 1 person. He has no mail going there, all the bills are in my name. As far as getting help with the bills, that is a joke. He drinks heavily & is verbally abusive. I have asked him to find a different place to live.  He tells me that I can't make him leave. Is that correct?

Change the locks?
Laws are different in every state.  Call the police and they will tell you.   Have your lease with you when they get there also.   In Texas, if you aren't on the lease, you have no rights to the place.
In GA as long as he has no mail coming there and is not on the lease, he has no rights.  Change the locks and make arrangements with your local Sheriff for him to retrieve his belongings.  Good luck.
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