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breaking lease in south carolina

My tenant lost her job and told me she had to move out with 7 mos left on lease. I gave her a termination of lease letter to be out by July 1st. I had 2 mos security, one for pet deposit, and told her I would consider giving some monies back. Upon leaving the property by agreed date and in excellent condition, I have kept both mos of security because  I was unable to re rent promptly. Upon receiving written letter from her I went to a lawyer (in new jersey where I reside) and he  sent her a letter that since she did not fulfill the terms of lease I would keep securities and pardon the last 7 mos. Is this legal in SC and can she take me to small claims to get security back? If she files in court, does that make current letter from lawyer null and void so I can counter sue her for remaining 7 mos? thanks to anyone for SC info on this matter
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