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how to get tenant out!!!!

we went to court and received a judgment that the tenant owed us 2 months back rent, and were to vacate the property by 8/31/2009 at 11:59 p.m.  neither has happened...first of all, we never received an order for possesion form from the we need one of those and if so, how and where do we get it?  and secondly, what is the form that you fill out at the circuit clerks office to notify the judge that neither of the judgments of been complied with?  any info would be appreciated...we only have one place so didn't think a lawyer would be necessary, however, I see now why people have one...what a pain in the rump!!!
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If the judge decides in favor of the landlord, he can order a tenant to be out that same day. UNDER ILLINOIS LAW, IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN, IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, IF YOU ARE SICK, IF IT IS WINTER, OR IF YOU HAVE NO PLACE TO GO. THE JUDGE CAN ORDER YOU TO MOVE THE SAME DAY YOU GO TO COURT! If you fail to leave the premises, the sheriff can, and will, move you and your property out on the front lawn. Contact the courthouse and see when a sheriff can come and handle the actual lock out.
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