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Can a tenant rent out rooms to others with out letting us know?

We rent in California and our tenant of 3 years decides to rent out extra rooms to make ends meet is this legal? They never told us about till we aked who the people were they said they were stil with in our contract with amount of people living in the house.

It depends on the lease. If your lease spells out the name of the tenants and these tenants have left and new unknowns are in there, then it seems to me that the contract has been violated.
I live in NC and have same problem.  Tenants actually went so far as to put up a solid wall to separate 3 rooms and then rent out of $460 month which is against our contract.  Can we sue them for rents thery received.  The only way we found out about it is that they gave 7 day notice stating difficult circumstances and the man they rented it to called us to see if he could stay on (our renters told him that we were aware they were doing this) I have copies of all the rent payments he made while staying there.
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