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no rent,no utility pymt,no key, junk everywhere

Tenant owed August rent.  Started moving out on due date.  Took entire month to move.  Still has the key. Still owes August rent. Still owes 3 months water,trash,sewer bill.  Left garage full of junk and house full of broken furniture.  Useless appliances in back yard.  Will not answer phone or mail.  Help!!!  What can I do? Rental is in Kansas.
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Start eviction proceedings for possession and a money judgement. If they still appear to be living there and have not abandoned the property you must evict first. In Kansas a 3 day notice is required. But in my experience as a landlord it is VERY hard to collect on a judgement. Sometimes it is better to cut your losses and re-rent as soon as possible. good luck and DON'T FORGET to conduct background checks on all your applicants in hopes to avoid this in the future.
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