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Not getting along with tenant/roommate

I am not getting along with my tenant/roommate and would like to have him leave. What kind of notice do I have to give him?  I currently am renting a room out of a house which I own. The house is located in a rent controlled city.  I have gotten into several arguments with my roommate lately and the last argument ended with him destroying some of my property. I would like him to move out as soon as possible. He originally signed a six month lease on March 6, 2007 and has been living month to month after Sept. 1, 2007. In July of 2008 he had given me his 30 day notice but his housing fell through and he's continued living month to month. My question is do I have to give him the standard 30 days notice or 60 day notice because he's been here more than one year? Does the previous 30 day notice give me the option to evict him immediately?
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There are things you can do. I am unsure of what city you are in but here is some info:
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