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Tenant moved in Girlfriend without consent

I have a home in San Francisco that I live in. I rent 4 bedrooms. I rented one of the bedroom in my residence to an individual on a month to month verbal agreement. This individual has proceeded to have his girlfriend move in without my knowledge or consent. He has said in the past that she is only sleeping over and that she has her own place, but it's become apparent to me and others in the house that she is living in the bedroom with him. I have even seen mail addressed to her. The room was never suppose to house 2 people. All other rooms are rented to individuals. What can I do legally to force the tenant to stop having his girlfriend "sleep over."/live in the bedroom? I've read that month to month agreements can be updated with proper notice, Can I give notice that permanent sleep overs break the agreement? Please help. Thank you.
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Usually tenants in a rooming house are affected by similar laws that any tenant must abide by. Here is a good review of  CA:
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