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Broke lease and stopped checks

Three months into a 2 year lease, my tenants moved out claiming lack of repairs made for unhealthy living conditions.  Untrue, I assure you. They also stopped payment on 2 checks they had given to me. The house is in NC. I have proof, both written and in witnesses, that they knowingly moved into the house in the condition it was in, and they even volunteered in emails to make some of the repairs.  There was no addendum about anything they considered problems in/with the lease. They also lied in an  email about sending a check (I still have the postmarked envelope), and they post-dated a check.I could use something thoughts on my next move. What's a guy to do?

I think from what I have read a certified cashiers check from their bank is the way to go with the first months rent and deposit?
I guess I didn't explain it well - they are already gone. I am wonder what steps I can take to get my money and then some out of them.
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