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One Tenant Moved Out without notice

We have a rental that is on a month to month lease. They have been in the property for 5 years.  The lease was signed by both parties. (unmarried couple with 5 children).  This past month HE moved out without notification to us as the landlord.  She remained with the 5 children.  Rent was not paid for Sept.  The man when called said he paid half the rent for the month to his girlfriend. She is waiting for assistance from father and welfare, hence we have received NO payment.   Should we have received notice from the man that moved out and is he responsible and liable as well on the lease.   We were not given a new address for him.    1. Should all communication be addressed to both parties even though he moved out regarding the default? 2. If he is making half payments, should those be coming to us or his former spouse/girlfriend? 3. Should we accept the half payments?
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Nice guy  Landlord - Talk to them both to work out a solution all agree upon.  Evil guy landlord - Tell them both  to make good on all rent due or you begin eviction proceedures. Changes in employment, adverse personal/family issues are considered fault of the tenant - In the end, the names on the lease are legally bound to for the rent on the lease for the duration of the lease - period.
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