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I bought my first property it's a 4 unit house with tenants. Last owner gave my there leases that states no pets unless consent by landlord and didn't get any. I also gave all tenant lease that also states no pets, but one tenant have a cat. now don't get me wrong  have notthing with cats but it's not spayed the cat, so the apt and hallway smells really bad.. i confronted them and remained them that the lease states no pet that if they want to keep the cat there will be a fee and they need to get it fixed. we both agree on time frame 3 weeks going on 45 days.. What should i do NOW?

First thing is you want to send them a wriitten warning including the fee request and make sure you give them a date to comply by either paying the fee or removing the pet. If they do not comply, you can start eviction proceedings by sending the correct PA notice and then filing in court.
hmmm probably so... it may be best to just not allow them, or double check with an attorney in your area.
I always have.  It makes a huge difference in teh behavior of pets and is critical to me accepting them.
It should be included in the security deposit.  -  Security deposits are regulated by state law (RSA 540-A:5-8).
I thought Ontario was only allowed to charge first and last months rent up front. I read an article about how hard it is to be a landlord in Ontario. The first and last is not allowed to be used for damage. I also read about how if the tenant agrees to pay more it is legal otherwise it is not. That sounds very difficult. Where is your insurance policy?
Yes, as long as you specify that in the agreement.
I suppose that yes. However, it's always better to ask a real estate lawyer for consultation  in order to avoid misunderstanding with tenants.
I agree with Bea, you can do it. And in order simplify your search of suitable renter, you should mention it in your property listing. But, be ready that pet owners will be trying to convince you.
PETA might say so, but as far as I know you have every right not to allow pets at your property and for good reason, they cause damage to the property
I don't think it is illegal.  But, keep in mind that service animals and emotional support animals are not considered "pets."  Each state has its own requirements, but usually landlords cannot reject tenants with service animals or emotional support animals.  It is unfortunate that some people are abusing this and having their pets labeled as emotional support animals when, in fact, they are just pets.  Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about it.  Good luck.
Thank you for your information.  My tenant discovered that there was dog feces in the yard and we have no dog policy. But now the tenant next door is keeping a dog for a friend, that was a three day agreement with the friend. Now where is the dog. What is the solution to see if the dog is still there!
I would inform the tenant that with the new lease in six months, there will be a deposit required for the pet. Until then, there's not much more you can do.
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