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One tenant signed lease, one does not want to

Hi, I subleased a one room in a two bedroom apt (coming to an end at the end of the month).  The goal/plan was to sign a new 12 month lease for the apt.  However, after spending a week at the apt complex, I do not like it and do not want to sign the contract.  But my future/potential room did sign.  We live in Atlanta, Georgia (just for legal info).  What legal rights do we have to void the lease?  And if it is legally binding, which I am almost certain it is, what are the best strategies to resolve the issue?  Besides me signing, I do not want to sign at the apt because of a train (that I was unaware of) 100 ft away, poor maintenance, the unit is not well kept.  (I was from out of town and did not see the place before I agreed to the one month sublease)
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Technically, if you never signed the Lease, you probably CAN get out of it. Morally, I think I would at least try to get yourselfl replaced. I mean BUYER BEWARE!!! Is it fair that because you are a bit uncomfortable with your living situation to put all the burden on your room-mate. Ultimately, he will be responsible for the rent. And if your roommate bails - the original tenant who subleased to you unless the owner put you on a new lease completely is also responsible. Take the high road here and try to furnish another tenant or at least give the benefit of the doubt and speak to your co-tenants.
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