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Judgement collection on self-employed tenant

I was awarded a judgement for damages/past due rent in Butler County Ohio. This person is self-employed through the state of Ohio and I am being told by the employer that they are not required to (by some statute) to perform garnishments on self-employed individuals. I tried the bank acct but it was no longer active. The courts "think" that I should be able to file an attachment w/her employer.  Again the contact told me he didn't think that would be approved by the attorney generals office. I called the IRS to inquire as to whether I could garnish a refund only to be treated extremely rude and told I was not forthcoming (I think it was because I told her my SS# was not pertinant to my call).  I doubt this prev. tenant would have a refund because she has to pay her own taxes and seeing how she handled her finances I think she probably owes the IRS as well. Anyone have any experience w/a selfemployed person and collecting against a judgement?

Collecting a judgement can be VERY difficult. I have found that making sure that the judgement appears on the credit record of the individual has gotten me payment eventually. The other ooption is to go through a professional collection attorney.
Collecting can be tricky, but I feel it is because, as is standard w/government and law, there is not a lot of help with the forms and the wording is absurd.  I just received a check from another judgement (payroll garn) and was extremely surprised at the amount they had already garnished from his wages.  It is really the other person I would love to collect from because she left the house in such a mess (smoked in nonsmoking house/unauthorized pet/carpet exremely dirty etc. damage to window screens, few holes in the walls).  May and June were not good months this year!
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