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Background and Credit Checks

I have recently taken over managing my own rental properties.  In the past the Property Management Co. did the background and credit checks for me.  I am looking for some recommendations as to whom people are using to retrieve this type of information?

You can always consider hiring a property management agency to do all the work of finding a tenant... doing the credit check, etc for a one time fee. Than you take over the day-to-day operations. In Ca. the cost is 1/2 months rent. To read more about this, check the post dated Jan. 5th, Hiring property Manager.
Your local court house has a law libaray and there is a computer there you can do a check its free in California I know
be careful , the way the current economy  is some one who had good credit  could suddenly have bad credit ,  job and outlook. everybody gets one now and then , there is people that lie for one another also Asolid work history , and good credit score , is a good sign .
This web-site has a few good reccomendations.
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