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How should I charge cleaning cost if one of the tenants has no deposit

I bought a house a month ago and took over the renting lease ( 3 tenants) on the house. One of the tenants is the seller's son so his deposit is waived. He left the house with his garbage behind without notice and I don't have his new address. My agent suggested me charging all these cleaning cost on the deposits of the remaining two tenants. Can I do that? Will the remaining two tenant go after me for that?
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I would talk with the other 2 tenants and find out from them what the sec.dep arrangement was. Assuming they were not responsible as a group, you could look at it as "cost of doing business" and take the loss. Your other option is to locate his new address and take him to small claims court. You could send him a letter to his last know address and ask the USPO for a fowarding address.
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