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late fee and return of deposit

my tenant is moving out the 1st. Here is my issue out of the 14 months they were there she was late 9 times.I have asked her about the late fee wich is $20 for one day late then $2 each day after the 5th.She got a attitude and said she had a 10 day grace period. I informed her she does not and check her lease and if she needed another copy to please let me know.I checked the lease and sure enough i am right. Since she never paid the late fee i am taking that off her security so that be $180 +$2 x 25 = $50 x 9 = $450. So that be $450 + $160 = $610. Frankly i don't feel bad there were 3 working adults there with no car payments with full time jobs. Good greif the rent was only $650. Am i within my rights? The lease clearly states this.
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