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cleaning up and non payment of rent

i had tenats move out with tons of trash and the yard a mess i had to remove all the trash around 15 bags rotin foof ect, also they left their cat for over 3 days before they came and got him. they didnt pay almst two months rent? i want to recover this i have Pixs of everything. i want to serve them with a formal letter 1st to give them a chance to pay?
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Taking pictures was a GREAT idea! You want to make sure and give your tenant's a full accounting of their security deposit and any claim you are making against it - (deductions). In Florida: You must deliver in writing by certified mail, to the tenant's last known mailing address within 30-days upon termination of a rental agreement, as to why you are keeping a portion of or all of the deposit. If the tenant OWES you, then make sure and include that in the notice. If the notice is not sent as required within the 30-day period, the landlord forfeits his/her right to impose a claim upon the deposit, unless the tenant fails to give proper notice prior to vacating.
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