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do I need a credit check?

Should I really get all the credit card information and social security info to do a credit check? Just starting to rent out a house that has been in the family for decades on a monthly basis. Thanks so much for the info.  jolie

Is there a reasonable price check for credit checks for landlords and what co should I use
Jolie, the best advice I can give you is to take your time and educate yourself as much as possible about your new role as a landlord.  Even if must wait a month or two to rent the house, you will save lots of money and grief in the long run.    There are many great websites and associations where you can learn the ropes.  I sit on the Advisory Board for the  These folks have tons of information for a new landlord.  I also have a blog and forum about tenant screening and tenant debt you may find helpful.  Good luck!  Bill Gray
You need the peoples permission first of all and you need there social security number, go on line and check for a good company that does this, have the new people sign a permission slip to check there background. Ask around about a good background company,there is a few that are not reputable.
how do i do  a background check
Absolutely,what you should also do is a tennancy agreement which is the rules of the house , let me tell you, what about dogs , snow removal , trash heat hot water , smoking . You have to have them sign a release so you do not get into trouble as looking into private  personal business, You can have them sign a lease which usually goes 1year which cannot be broken or a month to month tennacy , take pictures of your house inside , usually a back ground check weeds the rotten people out, be careful....
Jolie, there are professional scam tenants that go from landlord to landlord scamming, ask questions, do you want kids in the house , how about liability insurance , they slip and fall , you better have insurance, why are they moving , check pror landlords , and make sure you are talking to the landlord and not there relative, They  come in like Mary Poppins and leave like Jack the Ripper , what about security deposits and security
Jolie, what about parking arangements ,  there is a movie out called pacific heights , its about being scammed , renting can help your finances but it can also be a problem to keep you up many nights .
Jolie, my first answer is don't trust the previous landlord to tell you or say any negative things about a tenant he wants to get rid off. Second , I will not based my decision to rent my property to anybody just on credit report alone given the economic climate we have right now b'cos many people were caught in this mess who really should not be in this mess, so I will go further  in checking their eviction and criminal record as well. If he or she is caught in any of the latter you that person is a persona non grata.
I agree with bill and elijah. with bill, educate yourself as much as possible. Go through the lease with a fine-tooth comb. Get friends thoughts on it. I change mine at each tenant overturn, because I ALWAYS learn something new. with elijah, you cant always just go by credit scores. my last renters were IDEAL but did not have a good credit score due to the economy. What i have done recently is give an option of credit score OR current tax return AND also 3 months pay stubs or  months bank statement. The credit score will give me their payment worthiness and their finances (work, bank, W2) will let me see if they can afford living in the place. I almost like the finance aspect more now because I can see if they can afford living there. Or you can do all of the above. I also have noticed renters that accommodate the application process with no excuses, etc. generally have nothing to hide. You have to gather as much info as possible, but it pays in the end.
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