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My renter has a authorized pet

my renter originally had okayed a dog to live with him in my home he's renting from me, now he has family living with him due to work reasons which I okayed, but now I found out there is another dog in the home (which originally I didn't want any pets but I made an exeption for him).  I did not even charge him a pet fee or pet rent, but now I'm upset for him not asking if I minded another dog in my home.  The home is in minnesota, can I legally make him come up with a pet fee, being that the dog is already there without evicting them?

If the pet is unauthorized, I would sent notice explaining the violation. This web-site has a great notice to use for unauthorized pets. Verbal authorizations are never good. I always get EVERYTHING in writing to prevent the he said/she said situation. By permitting the first pet, you set a precedent with the tenant and therefore he probably assumed that it is okay to get another pet. Also BE CAREFUL! If these pets are considered one of the "dangerous pets" and if that pet bites someone, you could be liable. Check with your township regs and your insurance agent for the particulars on this.
If I ok'd 1 pet and that was it, now that they have a second pet, can I ask for a pet fee for the second without evicting them?  What would be a reasonable pet fee that would be non-refundable?
You can ask for whatever you want. The question to ask yourself is "is it legal?" and "is it reasonable?" Consider having them sign an addendum to the agreement which states that the additional pet deposit is non-refundable and will be used to fumigate/deodorize the property. Check companies in your area for cost. You may also consider having them obtain insurance to cover any damages caused by the dogs.
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