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two leasees

I have a one family home in florida that was rented to mother and adult daughter. the mother left the home about 3 weeks ago, the daughter has been paying the rent and now does not want the mother back in the home and the mother wants in. the mother wants the security deposit back as she is out of the house. any suggestions?
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This is a problem between the mother and the daughter. The mother is obligated to the Lease unless you and her daughter agree to release her. If you do, my suggestion is to have the daughter pay her mother the security deposit. Just because the mother is leaving does not oblligate you to orelease the security deposit to her. It may be wise as well once thisis ironed out to create a release letter where both parties and you sign to release the mom from all lease obligations. This gives the daughter full right to decline the mom admittance into the rental home.
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