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Landlord Thermostats that limit heat ?

Has anyone used the Landlordstat thermostat ? Has anyone used this ? (made by Chicago Controls ) I heard about a company that makes temperature limiting thermostats for landlords.  The thermostat limits the heat to 71 or 73 degrees. It  is supposed to be tamper proof.  I'm tired of going by my building and seeing the window open !  with the heat  on !  In Maine ! Supposedly for 65 dollars it will prevent the heat from going above 71  which should make them keep the windows closed. Has anyone used this ? (made by Chicago Controls )

I used to work with mental retardation clients , they did the same thing not knowing , just grabbing and turning , they make a plexi plastic box that locks which you only have the key
I am having a similar problem with my tenant.  I left the thermostat on the first floor of a two flat to ensure that the temperature is in compliance with the city ordinance.  I had a heating company check and program the thermostat.  I do not have lock on the existing thermostat.  I never really had much problem with previous tenants but the current tenants seem to think this is for their comfort only. I was trying to avoid changing the thermostat to the second floor due to costs or placing a lock on the existing.  I have only contacted them once when the temperature was excessively high and just got attitude.  I don't want to keep contacting them concerning this.  So would the plexi box be the most economical?   I thought about putting in a thermostat with a remote sensor but I am sure that would probably be very costly.   Any suggestions and if anyone has used the thermostat control previously posted let me know how that is working out.  Thanks
i had a electronic thermosthat installed a few years ago.  i can take it apart and set it for an upper limit and a lower limit i can also change the temp showed on the display by 5 degeres in either direction.  usually my tennants figure out that they cant set the heat up past 75 and start using space heaters to heat the entire house preventing the furnace from working and quadrupling the electric bill which they pay and then can't aford the rent.  they usually either learned to live with it or get evicted eventualy
i got locking thermostat at lowes has 2 settings go shopping :)
Just be sure to maintain the temp as specified by local laws.  Be aware that the temp in one apartment can be totally different than another's when they are all on the same heating system.
My friend has used these thermostats and has had very good luck.  The city ordinance is 68 degrees so we don't have much to worry about in terms of not exceeding that!  The thermostat he bought (from the Chicago company mentioned above) not only locks at 71 but every few hours cycles back down to 68 and then up again.  I'm going to try one.  Tenants can hang a bag of ice over the plexiglass thermostat locking covers.  They're pretty crafty when it comes to figuring out how to rip off their landlord!  From what I've heard...this one truly IS tamper-proof.  
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