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sub lease

my tenant sub leased the property verbally to her relatives, and she had paid the rent in cash and a check that had insufficient funds, i talked to the relatives and they stated they had paid her $200 in cash the rent is $700 she gave me a check for $500 and they said she was living in another city  and they had a verbal sub lease with her can I change the lease even though I have accepted the $200 and have asked her to make good on the $500 check that was not good she does not answer my phone calls, can I start eviction or must I give the full 30 day notice?
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In WI, if the name on YOUR lease doesn't match the resident(s) one for one (exception being newborns), they are criminally trespassing. Period. Call the non-emergency number and talk to a Police rep. to verify. Nice Landlord - Tell the relatives that tenant has 48 hours to contact you at your number or please leave. Evil Landlord - Cops will be here in one hour to throw you out.
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