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wrong paper work

Ine had a tenent in my house going on 3 months she paid the rent for oone month could not turn on the electricity for she owed a large amount so she asked me if i could leave the electricity an gas on for one month an to use the deposit to pay the power an I saiter one month on this tennd ok the second month came up an she could not pay the rent i gave her a 3 day evecation notice she did not get out so Iwent to the court house to  and talk to the recepitionist there an she gave me the  paper work to fill out  before gointg to court  we went to court an the judge said my paperwork was wrong an I was not to shut of the gas an light after one month on the tenent so the judge told me to get a lawyer so now the tenent lives free an I have to pay out again can this be done  also I rent month to month do you have any forms for this  ty for lisiting
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