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new rugs

Ihave a tenant that is behind on the rent and the house reaqlly should have the carpets replaced , but I cannot afford the rugs untilhe pays me , he is not with holding the rent they are behind , will it come back to bite me

Rugs or Carpets?  Carpets are attached to the floor, rugs lay on top.  Rugs - If the rugs are in common areas, you should seriously seek a way of replacing or removing them for the safety of all tenants. If they're in the tenants apt, contact the tenant to have them rolled up and stuck into storage/thrown out.   Carpets - If they are in a state that create a safety/fire hazard then yes, you could get bit.
Two schools of thought on this: Tenants are gaining by getting new carpets, so you could ask them if they are able bodied. What Ihave done in the past, is move all big sturdy furniture but anything delicate or breakable, i had the tenant take care of as I did not want to be responsible for breakables.
must give them date in writing and reason for entry
I think that it is great that you are going to put new carpet in your rental. I am sure like Denise said they will help you if they are able to move the furniture around.  If not just make sure that the breakable items are wrap and don't damage anything.  Great job!
Are you a tenant or landlord?  Tenant u need permission. Landlord, carpet co will charge you and xtra fee to move stuff, but they will do it. If carpet is not installed proffesionally it will quickly look worn out. I prefer that they use a wall to wall jack. By getting it tight it will be cleanable and last years longer with just medium care. Its best to wait until empty, but if tenant insists then they get to pay the furniture moving. And a larger deposit might be in order toward damages. Good time to update your rental agreement.
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