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wage garnishment

Im going through the eviction process right now; once i receive the ruling through the courts...what next.  How do I go about collecting back rent; is wage garnishment the next step and what do I need to do?  These bums are going to owe me $4,500 once i get them out of my house so I would like to collect as much money as I can.

It's not that big of a deal.  After the judgement is rendered, get the correct form from your local courthouse.  Fill in the blanks, and file it with the court, send it to the employer.   Why get an attorney and lose even more money?  Just follow the steps and do it.  If that doesn't work, file to attach to their IRS refund.   I'm not a lawyer, and laws may be different in each state.  I am NOT a fan of wasting even more money on a lawyer when you can do some, if not all  of these things yourself .  JMO, do what's right for you in your state. Lisa, MI
Wage garnishment can be a complicated process. First and foremost, you must make sure that the judge awards not only possession but also a judgement for money. The tenant must be served personally with the complaint. You can even hire "servers". Then you must file for an attachment of wages. It is a complicated process and in lieu of the amount of money your tenant owes, you may want to seek an attorney.
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