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Renters Insurance

In my lease agreement I require my tenants to purchase renters insurance. Can I legally enforce this requirement?  Bruce C. PA

I have this too as a requirement in my leases. i had a tenant that evaded the issue constantly. I sent them several written notices that they are not in compliance by failing to obtain renters insurance. We had bad storms and water got into her apartment and ruiined a supposedly expensive couch. She complained that we had to replace her couch. I told her that she is responsible and she should have obtained the renters insurance as per the lease. She took me to court. She lost and ended upp having to pay MY legal costs. WIN! SO although it may be tough to evict based upon it, I would send written warnings to cYA.
Many landlords will require tenants to purchase renters’ insurance. If your current lease doesn’t require it, it can’t be forced.
The laws for this vary by state. I believe CA does not allow this to be a requirement.   I suggest a strongly word notice in the lease that the tenant has no coverage of any kind without renters insurance and it is strongly recommended. Have them initial that acknowledgement in the lease.
If there is a clause in your lease agreement that requires renter's insurance the tenant would have to either purchase renter's insurance or sign the liability waiver. if insurance is not in the existing lease agreement you would have to wait until the lease term is up to set up the agreement or not renew lease with these tenants. It is something to not take lightly and if anything happens the tenant should know they are liable. Good luck. :)
Thank u
Landlord definitely needs to do it, if he/she wants to avoid misunderstanding with tenants if something unexpected happen (I mean natural disaster or robbery). Requiring tenants to purchase their own insurance policy is the only real way to protect their possessions. It is also beneficial to have the tenant show proof of such insurance coverage within days of the date of signature of the rental contract.
Have in the lease that renter must carry renters' insurance and adding landlords as Additional Insure. Check with your insurance agent for more info and the benefit of doing so. Not all Insurance companies are willing to do so.
Shelley........Depending on your lease, the answer may be YES......Consider have landlord(s) added to the insurance policy as "Additional Insured." The insurance company will mail you a copy and will also notify you when the policy is renewed or canceled. This should also allow you to place a claim if tenant refuses to....check with agent.
It seems more and more common that landlords are requiring tenants to purchase renters insurance. I totally agree with all the previous comments. There's way too many instances where something happens and it's not covered under the homeowner policy. I'd definitely recommend requiring tenants to purchase renters insurance as a part of the lease requirement. We recently found an awesome solution that's similar to the Expedia of insurance. You should have your tenants check it out!
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