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raising the rent

I have never raised the rent because the people I rent to really are busted , but with taxs going up I have to , I know what I should get, if these people do not want to pay , I would have to evict , Can these people fight the eviction saying they cannot pay the rent , Its cheap right now.

As long as you are following the lease agreement and proper notice is given to raise the rent, than you are within your rights. If the tenant does not or cannot pay the increased amount, that tenant has the option to move-out. If the Tenant does not move-out and you accept an amount less than the increase, beware! When you go to court to evict a tenant who has refused to pay a rent increase but has continued to pay the old rent, it is not an eviction for non-payment.
how far in advance do I have to do this. I live in Oregon
Check yor tenant laws in oregon, in Massachusetts its 1 month
I live in idaho, if i sign a two year lease with a payment of 850.00 in one year can i raise it to 950.00?
Rick, Generally you can not raise rent in the middle of a fixed term lease.
IF your tenant is on a fixed term lease, then you will have to wait until it expires. If your tenant is on a periodic lease, then you will need to follow the guildelines according to how the rent is paid or what the lease says. Therefore, if the rent is paid monthly and there is no written lease, then you must give at least a 30 day notice. Make sure that you are not in an area that practices rent control. There are several, I believe in California.
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