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Last month I made my tenants pay the past due bill for the window they had broken out.  I had told them that it had to be paid or I would go forward with an eviction.  Long story short they paid the bill.  In retaliation they filed a teant complaint letter with the city. Long story short it came down to about three items.   I  am more then happy to fix anything that goes wrong in my properties.  I want to keep them up, it's cheaper to keep things up, then to have major repairs later.    My biggest concern is they had a window that has aparantly been leaking.  There is alot of water damage around the window.  I am very upset because they have not told me about this problem.  They told the inspector that it had been going on for a long time.   My lease states that the tenant must inform me as soon as they become aware of an issue.  I have given them the 3o days to get out, these tenats carried too much drama.  (see below, im running out of space)
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Can I charge them for fixing the water damage?  Under a circumstance that they would have notified me of the leak, it would have been fixed.  They instead did not notify me.     I am in the State of Iowa.. Thanks.. :)
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