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I am a landlord in CT and I have a tenant who gave notice today that they will be vacating the unit this weekend.  Tomorrow is the 1st, seems to me they should be paying for the month of December. Does CT law require tenant to give a 30 day notice on a month to month tenancy?  If they do not, can I keep their deposit?
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In Connecticut, "proper notice" must be given before terminating an oral lease. In most states where no written lease is used, proper notice is usually the period of which the rent is paid; for instance, if rent is paid monthly, then thirty days notice is needed. I cannot imagine a judge rendering a decisision that a few days notice is adequate when a tenant is paying rent on a monthly basis. I would check with an attorney, first, but I think if it were me, I would send notice and then charge the security deposit. Make sure you follow the rules for the return of the security deposit. IF your tenant fights this, and it ends up in court - I would think and hope that the judge would rule in your favor.
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