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I live in Florida.  What is the law in relations to evicting tenants?  I am a new landlord and wanted to know how to proceed for non paying tenant.

Step 1: Serve  a 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate the Premises  on the delinquent tenant.   Step 2: Prepares and file  an Eviction Complaint and Summons, with your county’s clerk of the county court, requesting a Judgment for Past Due Rents.  Step 3: The clerk of the county court, issues an Eviction Complaint, for past due rent and a Summons, to be served on the tenant, in person, by a county deputy sheriff or Florida certified process server.  The tenant has five days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Florida legal holidays, from the day they’re served, to file an answer with the court.  Step 4:If the tenant fails to file a response to the complaint, and doesn't deposit the full amount of the past due rent, into the registry of the court, the landlord prepares and files a Motion for Immediate Default -Claim for Past Due Rents and a Final Judgment for Past-Due Rents, with the clerk of courts. There is some addl papework as well.   Hiring an attorney is prob a good idea.
check with your local tenant laws , non payment of rent  or a 30 day notice if you want to go after your money, 14 day notice or a 3 day notice , it takes over 30 days if they fight the eviction.
In Washington, you can start an eviction for non-payment of rent by first sending a 3 Day Notice (This would not be inclusive of the day it is sent or weekends) . ONLY include rent in this notice. If the tenant does not pay...then you can file in court for their eviction. Keep in mind that if tenant pays...then they would stay..BUT you can terminate the tenancy: A landlord must follow certain procedures to terminate a tenancy. To terminate a periodic tenancy, a landlord must give at least 20 days' written notice prior to the end of the month.
If the tenant leaves the property as instructed, then you do not need to evict them.
If they leave, change the locks immediately. If they leave anything behind, store it for 30 days, then donate or sell it, if they do not claim it.
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