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Tenant broke lease moved early and mch more.

My husband and I moved from a tiny little town in OK. to take care of his Mother with Alzheimers because a family member stole every last dime she had then vanished. He and I are both on diability and spent all we had on our move here. Between the three of us we somehow have managed to keep our heads above water. His mother and Father owned and ran a tiny cafe for 45yrs. or so and had begun renting it out untill the family member that vanished decided to take  it for one last sqeeze before her exit. Now this little place was begging for some help, I don't care how small this town is, or how far out in the boonies we live, this was unexceptacle to rent. It took us over a year to get it back to it's adorable shape that it had been in the past. The timeing was good because the cafe sits on the corner of main street and the main Hwy. that they had now made into a 4 lane hwy. vs. the 2 lanes. Could't ask for a better location. So as we were finishing up the final details . will cont.
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