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Purchased new property-no written leases

I closed on a six family 10/26/09 which is fully occupied with long term tenants.  None of the tenants have written leases.  I am in the process of having them all sign.  One tenant refuses to sign, saying she doesn't know if she is staying.  She has a dog , which was not allowed under previous owner, and keeps the other tenants awake at night.  Her apartment is absoloutely disgusting.  I want to give her a 14 day notice to quit on 11/15/09, will there be any isuues considering I don't have a written lease ?  Another tenant says she always paid the rent on the eighteenth of the month, what's the best way to get her on schedule for the first?
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Tenant One: If you are looking to terminate a tenant without a lease (tenant at will) in MA a 30 Day notice is required. If they have violated definite landlord tenant law or any law or are destroying the property or not making payments THAN you can go through the eviction channel and proper notice. Tenant Two: If you believe this tenant is a good tenant, you may want to consider working with her to get her to pay on the first, either give her two weeks free or let her make payments to catch up the two weeks. Otherwise, you also can give her 30 day notice that rent will now have to be paid on the first starting with (Month, Day, Year) and the first month you will have $$$$ (month plus the two weeks) due and $$$$ (reg monthly rent) after that.
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