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I let my daughter and husband stay at my home until they found their own place.They haven't been looking for a place at all.It's been over six months now,and they won"t leave,because they have been told they don"t have too.I was told i would have to do a notice to terminate tenancy.They have lived rent and payed no bills all these months.This is my home,nottheirs,what can i do?
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I am not 100% on IL Law.  In general, you have to file an eviction to get them out.   Lets say that I rent a house to Larry A, and Jenny A.  Joseph B is down on his luck and moves in with Larry and Jenny without notifying me.   If i become aware that he has made this place his permanent residence, I have to treat him as a tenant.  I have to give him 30 days to vacate.  If he does not leave I then must file eviction with the court.     Crappy deal... Good Luck... its tough with family. From my experience, it is best to have contracts, espically with family.  If everyone knows and agrees to the lease, then no one can play "he said she said"
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