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rugs required in lease agreement

I am landlord for a 2 fam house with hardwood floors in both apts - the lease requires area rugs be provided by tenant to reduce noice - my 2nd floor tenant has not put down rugs (4 mos in apt), and 1st floor tenant has complained inwriting twice and has asked for the month-to-month lease since she doesnt' want to live with the noise and doesn't see anything changing since there are also 2 children upstairs that run and make noise - I do not want to lose my 1st floor tenant - respectful and appreciates the beautiful apt she is renting. What do I do about the excessive noise from the upstairs?
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First, I would send the 2nd floor tenant an Excessive Noise Notice (there's one on this site under Violation Notices), with a threat of eviction for lease violation if she doesn't put down a rug. Second, I would call the 1st floor tenant and explain to her that you have served the 2nd floor tenant with a notice, and that you will evict her if she doesn't put down the rugs and keep the noise under control.  Good tenants are worth keeping, I would do whatever you can to keep the 1st floor tenant. Best of luck, Brian
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