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Partial Rent Payment

I have a tenant who is a cronic late payer since day one.  Tenant paid half of Sept rent on 9/14.  Lease agreement says it must be paid on or before the 5th.  Being that I have accepted partial rent, can I still evict tenant?  I want them out before they get into my pocket much more.

Accrding to TN law :66-28-508. Waiver of landlord's right to terminate. — If the landlord accepts rent without reservation and with knowledge of a tenant default, the landlord by such acceptance condones the default and thereby waives such landlord's right and is estopped from terminating the rental agreement as to that breach.
Charge a late fee and try putting them on a bi-monthly plan and stick to your guns.  Forewarn them to get their act together, or face possible eviction.
Depending on your relationship with the tenant it really is up to you. Make sure that the 5% would be enough to cover any expenses that you may have to pay out of your pocket for a missed mortgage payment or any other fee you may get because of not being able to pay.
It totally depends on you and what is their in your lease papers. Although, when i had rented with Tropicana Realty, they never charged any extra money from me whenever, i was late in giving them the rent. But that was because i used to inform them about it in advance.
my late fees accrue till all rent is paid in Full.
To answer your question, my lease states that the late fee applies until all rent is paid in full.  Check your lease, you may be able to charge 5% on the full amount.
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