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Tenant broke lease moved early and mch more #2 Cont.

We were approched by a unknown man and a woman well known by the towns people. The gentleman said he and his wife had always dreamed of having a restaurant and was interested in opening the cafe for this woman to be the cook while they could over see the bussiness. The woman they would be helping out had been trying to make a go of it down the street from the cafe for the last 6 months but wasn"t making it. Horrible location and about $1100.00 for rent and utilities.We of course just wanted someone that could cook, and to take care of the cafe and wanted someone that could pay the rent. The rent had aways been $375.00 a month and would cont. at that per month. This gentelman clearly intended to show this town just  how much he had and how much he knew, this became very apparent on his walk through of the cafe for the first time (even before reading the lease) He began by this is out of here thats gota go get rid of this and that so on, refering to ice machine refrigerator freezer CONT.
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