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Money Judgement Against Tenant

We were awarded possession and a Judgment for $5,400 for an evicted tenant.  She did not appeal and is moving out of state without paying the money (obviously).  From PA to NC  What would I need to file to collect on this judgement.  She is moving to NC from PA.    I know she does not have income now but down the road that might change.  Can something be filed that would stay on record should her financial situation change?

Make sure that the judgement is placed on her credit report, they usually are. I have had many tenants come back to me when they are ready to make a large purchase such as a home or car and pay a judgement off in order to get their credit rating back up. The other option is to hire an attorney or collection company to go after the money. There are things they can do such as attach property and wages but it can be a complicated procedure and often, you do not see the money anyway.
Since you have a judgment against her, to locate her whereabouts, you can run a credit reports on her which will give you her latest address, etc. Good Luck.
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