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should landlord be coinsured on renters insureance?

My tenant finally obtained renters insurance after a recent casualty loss. In the lease, it stipulates to name landlord as coinsured? Should I insist on this? How does it benefit me as owner?I currently have insurance for a rental property. She obtained the renters in her name only.
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The purpose of an additional insured is to protect the rights of another party that might become legally liable for the actions of the named insured. For instance, a landlord might become entangled in a lawsuit caused by the actions of his tenant. By naming the landlord as additional insured, the named insured extends coverage, especially defense costs, to the landlord. The tenant's insurance company would have to defend both the named insured and the additional insured.   Additional insured's are a common and increasingly important part of liability insurance. It is important you make sure your agent is aware of the specific nature of the relationship you have with the additional insured, to ensure the proper additonal insured form is provided.  I would, however make sure that this is a permitted practice in your state. Check with a licensed insurance agent or with your attorney.
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