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NYC- Tenant hasn't returned signed lease renewal

Their lease was up on 12/2/2009. On 12/07/2009 I sent them a new month to month lease to be sign. After a week with no calls or any updates from them I called them and was told they didn't review the entire lease and they were going to review it and sign it. Still today no lease or call about it.  Is my first rental property and my first problematic tenants, I apologize if I sound a little clueless. I appreciate any feedback.
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My other tenant didn't pay rent for August/September 2009. October she said she'll pay the three months but she only paid one and did the same for November  and December. When I approached every month she said "by next month". I sent her a Demand for Payment on the 3rd of December, she said "by the middle or the end of December". Yesterday I called her and again another excuse.   Any advice? Thanks.
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