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increase in rent, for furnshed room month to month.

i have a tenent that moved in nov 15, 08 and he started paying $400.00 month, then he wanted direct tv hook up so he now pays $420.00 a month. i want to increase his rent , how do i write up increase in rent? live in calf. he shares a bath room, has laundry priviges wiress internet, kitchen privliges, doesnt pitch in for food. he uses my coffee filters, bought tolite paper 24 rools all this time, wont buy sugar for his coffee. he just appears as he has been lisening prior to contact. friends said he is sneeky. used my sons tools did not put them back until 3 weeks later when i was blamed by my son, so i texed him with in ten minuts he gave back over 20 sockets that were in his backpack and car. trust is a issue now. he steps on my dogs, i have caught him putting a liter to my puppys nose! i want to know if i have to do a new rental room agreement with a rent increase, and can i raise his rent up from $420.00 to $500.00 or only 10% $470.00? how much notice do i have to give him? 30 days

Draft a new lease with the proposed rent increase and insure you tell him face-to-face when you deliver. See what he says to your increase and adjust as you see fit. Never heard of limits on rent increase. You can rent anything for any amount. Trouble is getting someone to agree to pay.   Careful tho, don't expect that raising rent means change in behavoir/trust. If he agrees, you may be stuck for another year of equal or worse actions. You have to decide what you what.  Me - Place him on MtM, advertise the place @ $450-$500. If you like the response, give him 30 days.
i just put my question once again should of sent it to you matthew m. IL please look at landlord questions and answer form, because this was to be sent to you not posted again.  thank you for al your advice and help. rebecca l. ca
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