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you answered my question increase in rent for furnshed room mo. to mo..

i a confused, you said to draft a new lease. i just have a rental agreement month to month. to me a lease is for a year that you cant break or you will owe more? dont honestly know.  do you mean a new rental agreement with a rent increase attached or how do i do this? and i would like my wording to be just right! also if i piss him off he could rob me blind, and this i do not want!  please if you would i would be greatful for any and all info you can give me. thank you, rebecca l.  CA    #1   Date  Sept 21, 2009
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You must decide what YOU want. Do you want to keep him at a higher rent or have him vacate? Can't do both. If keep - then say "In sixty days, rent is moved to $500 (or whatever)". If you want him out, then "In sixty days, the apt is no longer offered." (60 day notice is easier to accept than 30 day) Me - I would give verbal notice at 60 days, then written notice at 30 days. If I felt there was concern for theft/no trust, then he vacates with no offer for rent increase and put out ads. Be there when he vacates, lock up the valuables.
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