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No lease bought new home need one unit

Hello LL's need some advice, I bought a two unit house And need to reside in one of the unit . There are tenants with no lease. How can I go about telling one I need the unit? 2nd question and really want the other to go too. One been there for about 4 yrs the other 18yrs please help

I am not sure legally but what I would do is approach the one in the unit where you want to live with an eviction notice, probably 30 days.  The other one I would write a lease that would be to your advantage if they stayed, including deposits and give them the opportunity to sign and pay NOW.  If not give them the proper notice as well.
Thanks Michelle, should get the eviction notice notorized?
Hi Steve,  On this web site under "Popular Forms", there is a NON-Renewable form letter, which you can change a bit to fit your circumstance of the no lease.  No lease might be a month to month?  Do not take my advice as fact, but I think a non renewable letter that would give them 30 day would be a good place to start.  Check your facts and your state laws.  You can set this website so the forms you get are for your state.
Hello Michelle. and thanks again for replying, and thank you so mush for the information. It is a big help I'll keep you inform of the out come..
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